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Oil Rail Loading Facility near Dickinson Expands
Post Date: Aug 28 2012
By Donnell Preskey, Assistant News Director

Dickinson, ND -

As North Dakota's oil production continues to rise, more companies are searching for ways to get the black gold out of the state.

Less oil is being trucked to market and more is moving via pipeline and rail.

Sixteen oil rail loading facilities are now operating in the state -- allowing almost half of the oil to export the state on tracks.

Donnell Preskey reports from the first and only multi-customer rail loading facility in the state...

What historically was the first way oil moved out of North Dakota 60 years ago, is making a comeback.

44% of the oil produced in the state is leaving in train cars.

Bakken Oil Express Terminal Manager, Chris Lewis, says "we are at train 150, just shipped out this morning."

Here at Bakken Oil Express west of Dickinson, 150 trucks a day are hauling in black gold from western North Dakota's oil patch.

They bring in about 60,000 barrels of oil a day. "There's plenty of Bakken Crude out there that needs to be moved. We're way out of ND with crude oil. Lucrative to move oil by rail. We can send a mass quantity of oil all over the united states. We ship to the east coast, the west coast, down south and to Canada," says Lewis.

The rail yard is full of cars waiting to be filled with oil.

It takes 58 minutes to fill each car -- the loading facility can load 12 cars at a time and fill an entire train with 104 tanks in less than 14 hours. To continue reading or to view the newscast, click here.

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